Taylor Binney


Inspiring you to become strong! Mind, body & potential.


Two offerings & my full support. Now is the time to step into your best self!

Hi, I’m Taylor. I am so excited to invite you into our community, working towards our goals, inside and outside of the gym!

I used to believe the only way to be happy in my body was to restrict myself & I tried every fad diet going. What I have realised is that being strong mentally & physically can truly transform every area of your life.

As soon as I started fuelling my body, enjoying my workouts & practicing gratitude my whole life changed. Now I am here to share all of my knowledge with you. There is no one size fits all, the best way to achieve results is to create long term, sustainable, healthy habits that fit with your lifestyle.

I have created Ignite App, & Ignite 1-1 coaching to support you in your journey with fitness, self love & overall well-being.

Whichever option you choose, you will be part of an amazing community of strong individuals all working towards their goals.


✓ Personalised / customised nutrition plans 

✓ Personalised / customised training plans 

✓ Weekly check in’s & access to me in between check in’s. You will have my full support

✓ Nutritional knowledge so you can leave our coaching more confident & knowledgable than when you started

✓ Positive habit tracking

✓ Educational lessons on fitness & well-being

✓ Personalised video lessons on specific areas you want to improve in

✓ Daily affirmations

Fill in my enquiry form to get started. It is time to step into your best self, ditch the short time fad diet mindset & really make yourself proud.

IGNITE APP - launching September 2021

Ignite App has been designed & created with community at its heart.

✓ Full access to the Ignite Gym & Home guides

✓ Weekly fitness & mindfulness challenges

✓ Filter exercises by body part

✓ Filter exercises by equipment

✓ A full range of plant based recipes

✓ BMR (base metabolic rate) calculator

✓ Learn about mindfulness, the law of attraction & gratitude

Ignite App is there to support you in your fitness & well-being journey. You have no idea how capable you are, it is time to step into your best self, ditch the short time fad diet mindset & really make yourself proud.

With a 7 day free trial, now is the time to get started! 

Our Community

IGNITE is your best friends in your pocket, a safe space to learn about fitness & wellbeing, & a place to encourage each other. The entire platform has been created with community at it’s heart.

If I am feeling a certain way, the chances are someone else is feeling that exact same way, or going through that exact same thing. We are all on our own journeys with self love, exercise & wellbeing, & together we are stronger!

Whether it is a workout, fresh recipe, or a friend, it is all here, so come & join us!